3 Keys to Improve Your Online Reputation Through Social Proof

Whether you are an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a naturopath, a functional medicine doctor, or another health and wellness specialist you need a stellar online reputation.

Online reputation is improved through the power of social proof. Social proof is the psychology that says if somebody else is using a product or service and getting results I will get results also.

We see social proof all around us all the time. Every time that you have ever read an online review, heard a friend tell you about their experience with a product or service, or watched a video testimony social proof was at work.

It’s extremely effective and important for your health and wellness business.

Online Reputation

As a health and wellness specialist, you offer a unique service to your community that helps many people that no one else can help. You have done hundreds of hours of postgraduate work to achieve a level of excellence that few if any do in your community.

But does your reputation online reflect the top professional that you are?

When a friend or family member tells someone to check you out and they Google your name do they see evidence of the standard of excellence you have in your office?

Having a positive online reputation that utilizes several social proof factors is extremely important in developing trust, credibility, and likability.

Here are a few examples of health and wellness businesses that are building a great online reputation and examples of those that are not.


Below is a client of ours who has made a commitment to her online reputation and when someone googles her name or her practice name you can see that they see an abundance of evidence that her practice is doing excellent work.

online reputation

Her office has 140 reviews on Google. 39 reviews on Facebook and 9 reviews on yelp. You can also see based on the top listing that testimonials received on her website are prominently displayed in the search results.

This abundance of reviews is crucial for developing trust, credibility, and likability online.

Here is another professional who also is likely doing excellent work in their community but when you Google their name or their practice name you see this:

social proof

No reviews on their website, Google, etc. Their Google local listing is not optimized and does not even contain their business hours or website.

If someone was to find out about this Doctor from a friend or family member and Google her what they find is not going to increase their trust, credibility, and likability but instead, do exactly the opposite.


Facebook is another place where you have an opportunity to build a tremendous amount of trust, credibility, and likability. Positive social proof factors include videos, reviews, and whiteboard pictures.

Here are a few examples.


Doctor videos and video testimonials are tremendous ways to improve your online reputation. Here are some examples of of our clients Facebook video pages. You can see some of these videos have over 17,000 views. What a tremendous way to build trust, credibility, and likability.

videos improve online reputation

videos create social proof


Another great way to build social proof is by taking whiteboard success story pictures. Simply purchase a whiteboard and use it to write down client experiences and take a picture of them.

Here’s an example of one of our clients who has been utilizing this strategy effectively.

whiteboard pictures improve social proof

Reviews and Recommendations

Another effective way to utilize Facebook is by building up your reviews and recommendations like this client of ours:

Facebook reviews and recommendations improve online reputation

If you are not consistently investing in your online reputation than you are way behind the rest of the world. People are looking for social proof to make their decisions. This includes online reviews, video testimonials, and other ways to build trust, credibility, and likability.

If you would like to talk more about improving your online reputation give us a call at 1-800-217-0584.



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