Our action-based guarantee is that you will double your initial investment by the completion of the first six months of our program. You have to complete the course and get us all assets within 14 days. As long as you complete the following milestones you qualify for the guarantee.


  • #1

    Complete the initial Obsessed with Results Course within 14 days

  • #2

    Get us the following assets within 14 days of signing your agreement

    • patient email list
    • required photos and videos
    • required access to website, hosting, domain registration, Google my business, Facebook, & YouTube
  • #3

    Send in at least 2 videos each month according to our video guide (video testimonials or Doctor videos)

  • #4

    Attend and participate in monthly review and strategy calls every month

  • #5

    Call all leads at least once within one business day. (Leads from the weekend should be called on Monday) (ideally call leads within five minutes)

  • #6

    Accurately update campaign performance in our system

  • #7

    Make an honest commitment to watch the trainings, implement the systems, participate in monthly review calls and grow your business