Answers to the Top Health & Wellness Marketing Questions

You have unique and specialized ways to bring true health and wellness to those in your care. And getting results is key. Why would your marketing be any different? Knowing the answers to the top health and wellness marketing questions will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:


Do I Need Online Marketing?

We live in a day and age when the majority of people are actively online, including your ideal patient. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc are all open doors to reach people who need your help. Basically, if your potential patients are online, you should be too.


Is a Website REALLY that Important?

Most people are going to check out your website prior to coming in to see you. Even those referred to your practice. Because of this, it's important to have a great looking website that represents you well. Also,from our research, about 70 percent of the health and wellness websites currently online are in need of revamping! A well-designed and engaging website that is specific to your niche will instantly differentiate you from the competition. Why not take advantage of that kind of opportunity?


Health and Welness Websites


How Important is Online Reputation?

When selecting someone for their physical health, most people will Google the office or practitioner's online reviews. If there are a low number of reviews (fewer than 20) or a low score (less than 4.5) the chances of them coming in to see you is substantially less. This is because your online reputation (i.e. Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc) actually goes beyond people's opinions.

Online reputation is a reflection of the trust and authority you have in the community.

More people look at Google reviews today than ever before! Also, did you know that your reviews will effect your SEO rankings as well? It's true, if you have a substantial and growing amount of 5 Star Google reviews your website will have a higher ranking for Google search results. So, online reputation is great to capture stories, build trust and authority, as well as help your SEO.


What is the Best Marketing to Implement?

Any good marketing plan should be designed to fit YOU. First, define your goals. Second, define your budget. Third, identify your resources (you and your team). Lastly, determine if you should collaborate to come up with a plan or outsource some of your marketing. All that to say, the best marketing for you is the one that is congruent with who you are and what you do AND helps to hit your goals within your budget. If you'd like some assistance in designing your marketing plan, click here for a free resource.


marketing plan


Should I Create Videos?

Almost everyone would rather watch a short video than read an article. There's something about a video play button that makes people want to click on it. Given this dynamic, you're missing out if you don't have video on your website and social media. Also, since Google owns YouTube and most people use Google to search online, creating engaging and optimized videos will help your Google search rankings.

We recommend recording at least 2-3 videos/month. Don't feel like it has to be a super-professional production. You can use your smart phone, tripod, and a lapel mic for a short 90-120 second video. Keep it simple. Don't worry, you'll get more comfortable as time goes on. Also, consider delegating the video creation to someone on your team who may be better on camera. They may even be excited to do it!


How Long Before I See Results?

No one wants to wait on results...just like your patients. Understandably, you want marketing results sooner than later. However, there are a number of variables that effect how long marketing takes to get you the sought after results. The key factors are: your marketing plan, your market, and your efforts.

A comprehensive health and wellness marketing plan that is designed specifically for you is a huge first step. Also, if your market is saturated it will take longer to get momentum versus a less competitive market. Lastly, your efforts are key. Remember the 3 C's: Commitment, Consistency, and Content (video and written). Based on these things, you'll see slower or faster results. Evert great marketing strategy will take you steps in the right direction.


Is a Marketing Company a Waste of Money?

For many health and wellness practices, budget can be tight so keeping overhead low is important. That being said, any marketing you do should have a solid ROI and more than pay for itself. Heck, even if your marketing efforts bring in a 2 to 1 return on investment, it's at least a win.

We recommend calculating your expected ROI as well as your breakeven point (how many new patients need to come in per month to pay for the marketing plan).  Sure, some marketing can be a flop. However, a well-designed marketing plan that is congruent with who you are and what you do will take consistent steps in the right direction...bringing you the wins you're looking for.


A Marketing Company May Be a Good Option

Given all of the health and wellness marketing questions we've covered, maybe utilizing a marketing company would benefit you. You may not have the time, energy, or expertise that a professional marketing company possesses. At some point, allowing yourself to be able to focus on your patients is important for the growth of your business. We at Hope & Healing Solutions can help. If you would like to have a short conversation to see if there are any areas that make sense to explore further, give us a ring (800) 217-0584 or click here to set up a time. We're here to serve!

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