If you want your holistic care practice to stand out among hundreds of acupuncture websites, provide vital information and inspire action. Learn more about what you need to avoid to make this a reality.

Whether your practice focuses exclusively on acupuncture or a combination of oriental medicine, herbology, chiropractic, or even naturopathy, you probably know by now that certain expectations come with the services you provide. Let us take a look at how this outlook affects acupuncture websites.


Common Mistakes Of Acupuncture Websites

1. Promising absolute cures

Presenting your service as the ultimate option to achieve relief from diseases or ailments is the top mistake you must avoid. You do need to consider the possibility, no matter how slim it is, that there are people who might not fully achieve healing due to your care. Although you are keen on standing by your work or product, avoid using words that give the impression of full recovery.

Hope is a powerful feeling. Build on the possibility of recovery but never promise a cure.

2. Site layout that is all over the place

Having a website is like being a building manager. It is critical to have a well-designed structure where people have a wonderful experience while there.

Think of a website that you frequently visit, why do you check it out often? Taking note of these things can help you get started.

Here are a few questions you need to answer:

3. Lacking warmth

One key aspect of the holistic care industry is that people expect you to care. People anticipate personalized attention. Acupuncture websites should be extremely welcoming throughout the design elements including colors, fonts, and images.

If your services are specific to a location, include well-captured, high-definition photos of local areas. It helps establish a connection. 

4. Not updating your site regularly

Once your website is up, you do need to perform regular maintenance. Take the time to update content, images, and even links.

Don't skip this lest you run the risk of becoming dated. When that happens, you will undoubtedly miss out on crucial opportunities.

Consider this, why do people frequent eCommerce sites often? If you said because of new product offerings, then you got it right. When people get the impression that you take the time to stay current, they feel assured that you are using the latest approach, which can entice them to sign up for your services.

5. Content too technical

Displaying your technical prowess is excellent, but do so in such a way that your target market appreciates it. Most people like to use technical terms that can be impressive in a classroom setting. Unfortunately, it does not have the same effect when you talk to potential or current patients. 

The solution is to present your services so that people understand, relate with, and know what to expect. In today's business environment, people are generally busy. If they glance at your website and do not understand that what they see is valuable, they will move on to the next one.

6. Considering new patients only

Provide information that both new and existing customers find valuable. Remember that the services you offer are not a one-time deal. Improving the wellness quality of your patients' lives can take time. 

Acupuncture websites should be a realm not just for new customers but also for existing ones. Address this aspect by including a blog section where you get to add articles about post-session wellness tips. 

Existing clients can generate new business for you. Converting random people to be your patients is far more challenging compared to referrals.

7. Using generic information

Looking at what your competitors have on their acupuncture websites can help you come up with an idea of what you can include in your site. However, do not be tempted to use the same format, tone, and approach.

Remember your brand and how you want to showcase your image. Customize your content by talking about you and your experiences. Make sure to use a conversational tone. Always write as if you are chatting with someone instead of sounding like a lecturer.


Work With Experts in Building Acupuncture Websites

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to setting up websites. You should work with professionals who have established track records and experience in this field. 

At Hope and Healing Solutions, we have a team of website designers who can help solidify your brand image. Our designers will use the same color palette and font styles in coming up with a site that speaks genuinely of your image. They will help ensure the layout is clean and that the look is crisp.

Our content team can come up with informative articles that help keep your blog updated. Aside from these fantastic teams, we also have other experts at Hope and Healing Solutions who can work with you in keeping your websites current and relevant. We know full well how important this is for you, and we can partner with you in making it happen.

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