Marketing your holistic business is now as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of our list of 15 actionable tips. Read more about these strategies here!

Holistic health businesses are on the rise all around the world, especially in the USA. This is mostly because more and more patients now see naturopathic medicine as their primary choice to help with their various health concerns.

As a result, standing out among the other holistic businesses becomes all the more challenging. If you’re planning to run a new business or if you want to amplify your reach and leave a lasting impression, you will need to learn a few things about marketing your holistic business

We’ve listed the top 15 tips to market your business in today’s market. With these tactics, we hope you can start building your path to success. Find out below how you can apply each holistic healthcare marketing strategy to your business.   

#1 Work on your branding

Creating a strong brand or image is essential when marketing your holistic business. With the overwhelming number of choices available to consumers, branding becomes even more critical to making a good impression. Your branding includes several things besides your brand colors and logo. For example, you also need to think about how you want to position your business to your customers and stakeholders. 

It also pays to create a human personality that patients can easily relate to, especially in their time of need. It will help you if you maintain an authentic and friendly voice. Whatever branding or image you come up with, make sure to have your target market in mind. 

#2 Study the market and your competitors

Performing a thorough market and competitor analysis is vital to creating a sound plan for marketing your holistic business. It gives you an idea of the current needs of the patients. Also, by learning how other local practitioners perform, you can find better ways to help ailing patients.

Here are some key questions you should include in your market and competitor research and analysis:

To get accurate answers from your research and analysis, you will need to have a clear set of objectives. Additionally, you must have a good understanding of your market landscape. The better the data gathering and analysis process you use, the more reliable information you can get. 

#3 Be sure you’re in Google My Business

Establishing a strong presence on Google My Business should be among your top priority when marketing your holistic business. As more patients turn to local search for help, having a well-optimized GMB listing will translate your online presence into office visits.

To make sure that your Google My Business listing does its job, here are the top optimization tips you can do:

#4 Build a functional website

Your website is a sales, marketing, and customer support tool rolled into one. The best part is it runs 24/7, making it a handy tool to establish your presence and engage with current and potential clients. It should contain all the critical information about your business, such as the services you offer, contact information, and your team. It’s also helpful to have a working booking system ready.   

Feel free to check out our detailed checklist for successful chiropractic websites for more key tips. Take inspiration from the secret strategies we shared. Surely, you will find them useful in marketing your holistic business, regardless of what type of holistic business you run.

#5 Reach more people with social media marketing

Besides allowing you to reach millions and millions of patients in need, social media marketing also offers a long list of benefits such as:

#6 Get more website organic traffic with SEO

In our previous discussion on building a successful website, we talked about the importance of optimizing it for search. Without implementing appropriate SEO techniques, you will end up with low site organic traffic. This will slow down your progress in reaching more patients and their loved ones.

Essentially, SEO is a set of techniques that can increase the likelihood of ranking for a search term. It is comprised of three distinct aspects, namely on-page, off-page and technical SEO. You need to work on all three elements if you want to see results or changes to your SERPs ranking. We recommend you get help with your search engine optimization.

#7 Build a strong network

Due to the growing demand for high-quality healthcare and the increasing number of options, marketing your holistic business becomes more challenging than ever. A good way you can manage this issue is by getting referred by trusted practitioners in your niche. It helps build trust and credibility not only among patients but also with other members of the community.

There are numerous tactics you can employ to build your network in the healthcare industry. A few examples include attending events like conferences or seminars, joining professional organizations, and even informal meetings.

Another effective strategy is to host a provider night at your office. You can learn more details about provider nights a.k.a. study groups on this podcast.

#8 Tap into content marketing

Patients continuously look for information about their symptoms and relief options online. As a business focused on providing holistic care, you will need to develop various pieces to explain your approach. You can use multiple types of content to communicate your message and spread awareness about your practice.

SEMRush lists the following types of content as the best options to use for your marketing campaign: 

By creating quality content for your target audience, you can offer more value to them. It also helps drive traffic to your website or social media pages and grow your community online and offline. 

#9 Utilize video marketing

Video is most likely the most rapidly consumed form of content online. It captures your audience’s attention and delivers information most efficiently. Unlike long-form content like eBooks and blog posts, videos offer easy to digest content. These are also quite engaging as they encourage more people to participate in discussions.

If you want to reach your audience in a hip and modern way, Biteable recommends trying any of the video types below when marketing your holistic business.

#10 Amplify your reach with paid ads

While Search Engine Optimization can help you slowly build your search visibility, paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms let you amplify your reach at a much faster rate. It helps you get more readers on your content, especially your site's essential pages such as the services page or the booking platform.

Here are other benefits of using paid ads:

#11 Expand your audience by joining or speaking in events

Participating in events such as conferences, seminars and workshops provide you with plenty of opportunities to grow your business. Primarily it helps in spreading brand awareness. Also,  it can help you with the following: 

Try looking for events you can participate in locally. Ideally, you should choose the ones that best resonate with your business. It’s also good practice to check the overall theme and agenda of the event. See to it that it reflects your branding as a holistic healthcare business. 

#12 Put more effort into your email marketing

Incorporating email marketing into your digital marketing strategies is definitely a must! It's useful in communicating with existing clients as well as your prospects. Also, marketers find success in using email marketing in the healthcare industry. In fact, healthcare emails have a higher delivery and open rate compared to other sectors. Additionally, they also have a better advantage in terms of clickthrough rate.

To maximize the benefits of email marketing, follow the tips below:

#13 Follow up on your leads

Failing to follow up on leads is one of the biggest mistakes of many alternative healthcare businesses. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to be extra patient. If a patient has second thoughts about an offer, it may be because they don’t have enough information to make a sound decision.  This is where you'll need to implement a good lead follow-up strategy. You will need to communicate with your patients without sounding too pushy.

#14 Maximize the power of referrals

Nothing beats word of mouth in spreading brand awareness and building credibility. When previous clients rave about the services they receive from you, you have more chances of getting referrals. They can tell their friends, families, colleagues, and other acquaintances. In no time, you'll have your clinic filled with clients from referrals. To do that, you’ll need to have a good system in place. Take note of the following practices when building your patient referral program:

#15 Analyze results and adjust accordingly

The last tip on our list is running regular analysis of your campaigns. When marketing your holistic business, you’ll need to determine what specific areas need improvement. Which platform delivers ideal results? Does the ROI make sense for your business? Are you spending money and resources on the right campaign? Do you need to shift to another platform? What other marketing methods should you explore?

Besides these factors, it’s also helpful to check out your audience’s behavior. Have they changed over time? Are there specific patterns? Do you need to make changes to your buyer personas? The more detailed and accurate your analysis, the better improvements you can make. 

Marketing your holistic business with professional help

Understandably, not every holistic care provider has the time to focus on marketing one’s practice. With the pressing responsibilities of attending to every patient's needs and finding better ways to provide assistance, planning and executing marketing strategies becomes quite challenging. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything yourself. With our team's help, marketing your holistic business won’t take up a lot of your time. We aim to provide you with data-driven and results-oriented marketing campaigns backed by our years of marketing experience.

Hope and Healing Solutions aims to be your partner in growing your holistic business and spreading your message of hope, recovery, and healing to more and more patients. Learn more about our digital marketing services for alternative health businesses today!

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