Ever wondered if you’re handling your marketing the right way? 

Check out our guide on how to market yourself as a life coach below.

Working as a life coach is one of the most meaningful careers you can pursue as a professional. You get to touch lives and make a real difference. However, it’s no secret that sometimes, maximizing your reach to help more people comes with a bit of a challenge. As a result, many people are wondering how to market yourself as a life coach

Am I doing things right? Have I been using the best strategies to expand my reach? How about the marketing platforms I currently use? Am I maximizing their full potential or finding it hard to navigate them? 

These might be some of the questions you have as you try to figure out a way to market yourself. Let’s find out the answers as we tackle the top 5 marketing mistakes of life coaches and the best ways to address such problems. 

#1. Having no clear message and defined target market

We get it; you want to try to serve as many people as possible. This is quite a common trend among a lot of new practitioners. However, while it may seem like the most logical approach, it could hurt your practice. When you aim to serve a broad market, you end up sending unclear messages. Consequently, your process fails to establish strong and meaningful connections – a crucial part of building a successful life coaching practice. 

The solution: When you’re thinking about how to market yourself as a life coach, it should start with your target audience. Your brand message needs to resonate with your target market. It will strengthen your coaching practice and differentiate you from the many other life coaches out there. 

Then, with a clear and focused branding message, you get to narrow down on your target market. It will help you build a more streamlined approach to doing your business. 

#2. Not looking ahead when you plan your marketing

If you’re wondering why you do not see results even after exhausting your efforts and resources on every single platform available, then you may be doing something wrong. It could be  the following:

Note that marketing a life coaching practice has significantly changed over the years. Nowadays, it will require intensive planning and understanding of your customer’s journey. 

The solution: Build a robust marketing funnel that helps you turn your leads into clients. This will allow you to establish the key touchpoints to engage with your potential list of clients and a system that works for meeting your long-term goals. 

#3. Not using your social media pages the right way

Another mistake we need to discuss in this guide about how to market yourself as a life coach is the poor use of social media pages, which includes the following practices: 

The solution: People use social media because they want to engage with real human users. If they can quickly tell that you are inauthentic or the posts you share seemed automated and impersonal, your engagement quickly dips. It would help if you also worked on your social media marketing plan. This way, you have a more targeted path to engaging and connecting with people that matter most to your practice. 

#4. Creating inconsistent content

We can’t stress enough the importance and value of having good quality content. It makes you stand out and allows you to provide better value for people who badly need your help. If you insist on publishing irrelevant, redundant, and too sales-focused content, you may lose viewership, and in the long run, potential leads for your marketing funnel.

The solution: Work on your content marketing plan that builds credibility and trust. It should incorporate your branding message, key touchpoints for target clients, and the best content marketing practices today.  

#5. Relying too much on digital sharecropping

Nicholas Carr coined the term “digital sharecropping to describe how content produced on social media platforms like Facebook no longer belongs to the businesses that created them.

Simply put, this means that if Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever platform you use to market your business decides to get rid of your pages, you may lose your digital presence, not to mention a key source of revenue.

Moreover, if they decide to implement changes such as charging fees for using the platform, you have to incur additional expenses. 

The solution: Don’t just stick to building your life coaching empire on social media! Instead, you should also create a website. It’s the one platform that you can fully control and change anytime. With SEO, content marketing, and paid ads, you can quickly turn your website into your primary marketing channel. 

How to Market Yourself as a Life Coach: Doing it right with Hope and Healing Solutions

Are you quite guilty of the top 5 mistakes we discussed above? This is your chance to correct them! With our help at Hope and Healing Solutions, you can make the necessary adjustments to address your current marketing issues. 

We offer an extensive selection of marketing services, including website design, SEO, reputation management, content marketing, video marketing, online ads, social media, and marketing funnels creation. Feel free to reach us today to start planning your new life coaching marketing strategies!

Many people view life coaching as a vocation, which allows them to help others live better lives. However, many aspiring life coaches struggle to balance assisting others and earning enough to pay the bills. If you are looking to pursue this path, this article will help you discover how to make money as a life coach.


Key Considerations


Income-Generating Ways

1. Personalize coaching sessions.

Get started with one-on-one sessions with your clients. Focus on giving them the attention they need and on their specific concerns. Work with them in addressing challenging areas.

A pro tip is to keep sessions short yet conclusive. Try not to stretch your meetings unnecessarily. By being mindful of the time, you give the impression that you value results and not the hourly income. Your clients will soon schedule more sessions with you because they will be ready to share their progress.

You'll be surprised when you check your bank account and realize that you are earning more from shorter, more focused sessions than traditional long-winded ones.

2. Organize group sessions.

Before you do so, make sure that you are confident to do so. Managing a group is different in contrast to individual sessions. Group sessions have a different atmosphere, but this is another income channel if you know how to make the most of this energy.

By nature, people like to interact with others. Getting validation from as many people as possible can help boost our confidence. That is the secret to group coaching sessions. You are allowing your clients to gain peer validation. On top of this, they will also see how successful you are in helping others grow.

Not only are you able to establish a new way to earn money, but you are also adding significant points that solidify your reputation as a life coach.

3. Set up webinars.

Start with short and free sessions to test the market and gain a following once you have piqued your target market's interest. Then, you can host short, informative paid webinars. Avoid lengthy sessions which run the risk of losing the attention of your audience. The key is to keep them short, and this is another effective strategy when thinking about how to make money as a life coach.

Paid, well-planned webinars will help bring money to your business. Interactive versions make discussions more enjoyable, so you can also consider this type. Remember that you can re-use them on your website and social media pages when you record sessions. Aside from this, webinars can increase traffic to your business pages and potentially give you new clients.

4. Accept motivational speaking gigs.

John Maxwell, a world-renowned speaker, started as a pastor but now speaks to Fortune 500 corporate leaders. If you think you still have a long way to go before you get to his level, know that John Maxwell began his journey in a small church. However, he steadily fueled his passion for helping others. 

You can go ahead. Be a speaker and share what you know. Seminars are also terrific learning opportunities for you because you get to interact with people with varying understanding levels when it comes to life coaching. You can use the stage (no pun intended) to talk about what you do, what you have accomplished, and why you can help them achieve their goals. 

5. Work with companies.

Instead of looking for individual clients, you can link up with corporations. Even established companies need life coaches to ensure their management team can manage their workloads and live full lives. Corporations consider this to be essential to avoid employee burnout and to reduce turnover. 

Some life coaches start out working with executives, but they get to expand their client base by working with the junior members who need assistance in climbing the corporate ladder. The opportunities are countless. On top of this, you get to strengthen your credibility while expanding your network. Another incentive to working with companies is that the people you work with are more accountable since they also need to report their progress to you and their managers. This is another superb solution when thinking about how to make money as a life coach.  

6. Set self-paced sessions for busy professionals.

People have different learning styles and various comfort levels. Why don't you offer self-paced programs for those who cannot carve out time for individual or group sessions with you? This approach is also an excellent opportunity to work with potential clients who are not comfortable voicing their issues. 

You can help them work on their comfort level while setting them up for success through your self-paced programs. To ensure success, do incorporate checkpoints that allow you and your clients to evaluate progress and address challenges. Make your self-paced coaches feel that you are still accessible to them through personalized coaching sessions once they are ready.

7. Develop digital courses.

Based on your niche and experience, you can design digital courses that provide clear and actionable steps to succeed in specific areas. Examples to consider are how to make money as a life coach, achieve work-life balance after the pandemic, and work from home and still be efficient.

The list goes on and on. What is excellent about these digital courses is that you can talk about them on your social media pages, which generates traffic and interest. Not only does it help you earn more, but it also builds your reputation as a life coach. 

8. Come up with books, ebooks, and audiobooks.

It is unnecessary to come up with new materials here. You can convert all the topics you used for your webinars and courses into books, ebooks, and audiobooks.

Don't believe that traditional book formats will not help your business. Many people still prefer to read books, especially when they want to unplug from the digital world. Whether you work with established publishing companies or pursue the self-publication routes, you can undoubtedly earn from this channel in book sales and reprints. Some authors even develop newer versions of old books by adding new content or improvements to old strategies. You can certainly do this.

What is good about books is that you can also offer them as incentives to people interested in signing up for your digital courses. You don't need to think of additional marketing materials because you can use something you already have. Now that is a winning strategy.

9. Coach coaches.

If you have established your name in this industry and have a decent base of clients and followers, now is the prime time to bring your business to the next level. Empower the next generation of life coaches by sharing your skills through a paid program.

You have the experience, know-how, and success stories to share. In other words, you know the full lifecycle. These aspects give credibility to your discussions.

You can now guide life coaches and help them become successful in their businesses. More and more people will look at this booming industry every year. Be a consultant and leverage your expertise.

10. Establish a members-only program.

When you become busier and more successful, you can better manage your activities by establishing a membership program. Paid members get access to you when they need assistance or are ready to share their progress.

Subscription-based programs help you to have a steadier income flow as you increase the membership base. Aside from this, a more extensive base elevates your position as a life coach. 


Partner With Hope and Healing Solutions

Although our team has simplified how to make money as a life coach, we understand it can still overwhelm aspiring life coaches. Hope and Healing Solutions have a team of professionals who can work with you in starting or growing your life coaching business and set you up for success.

We have fantastic designers who can help develop high-converting websites and landing pages that attract your target market while communicating your brand successfully. Our content creation team can help you design materials for your blogs and websites. We also have a social media and ad team that will maximize your social media strategy to consistently attract clients and increase your income potential.

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