A sound naturopathic marketing plan is critical to the success of every naturopathic practitioner. Learn what you need to work on in this guide!

It’s no secret that naturopathic medicine has been gaining traction in the US for quite a while now. As more patients lean towards a holistic approach in treating their conditions and living a healthier life, we see more naturopathic doctors establish their practices in various states. Consequently, this has created a more competitive market. So the question now becomes: 

Do you have a robust naturopathic marketing plan? 

Is it helping you get your message of hope and healing to people who need it the most? Indeed, thousands of patients need naturopathic medicine, but do they know that you exist? Are they aware that you can help them with their needs?

If you have the drive and passion for helping but you’re struggling to make your presence known, our list of naturopathic marketing tips below can help. 

#1. Start with a professionally built website

Having a professional website is definitely a must for any business – especially those in the healthcare sector! As more ailing patients turn to online searches to answer burning questions in their minds, the more you need to have a solid digital presence. And what better way to that than setting up a platform that you fully own and control.  

A professional website for a naturopathic practitioner should meet the following criteria:

A homepage that contains information that a patient may need 

Calls-to-Action in important pages

Easy to navigate menus

A mobile-responsive layout 

A clear and concise contact page

Fast page loading time and browser compatibility 

If you need help building a professional website for your naturopathic practice we can help!

#2. Educate patients with good-quality content

Work doesn’t stop after you launch your first-ever naturopathic website. Besides ensuring that it meets the essential criteria we listed above, you will need more than enough well-written and search engine optimized content to drive traffic. 

It’s your content that will introduce you to your patients. It can establish trust, authority, influence and provide top-notch value to people you care about. Also, good quality content can help you capture leads and turn your online audience into visiting patients. 

So now you may be wondering, what types of content do you need on your website? 

To give you an idea, here’s a brief list of the types of content you can integrate into your naturopathic marketing plan: 

Content marketing for naturopaths is another specialty that we have here at Hope and Healing Solutions. Our content team can create the right types of content to connect with your ideal patients.

#3. Drive organic traffic with SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO matters for any business, regardless of the size, type, or niche. That’s because roughly 53 percent of website traffic results from organic searches

If you already have a website but it is not properly optimized for search, you may miss out on reaching more than 50 percent of patients who need help. 

But what is SEO? How can you make sure that your naturopathic website is SEO-friendly?

Simply put, SEO is a combination of tactics that increases your web page’s chance of appearing on the first page of a patient’s naturopathic-related search results page. 

It includes techniques such as: 

Search engine optimization services for naturopathic practitioners is another area where we excel as an agency. We can help you rank for the most important keywords to connect with your ideal patients.

#4. Be more social!

Besides search engines like Google and Bing, many patients also use social media platforms like Facebook, IG, and Twitter to look for information. They also use these pages to communicate with their families and friends constantly. On top of that, thousands use social media to know more about a brand or business before deciding to take action.

As a naturopathic practitioner, utilizing social media is a must to enjoy all the perks of social media marketing! It will help you build a following to drive into your own content platform – your website. If you don’t have social media pages yet, it’s high time for you to begin building them. You can start with Facebook or Instagram as they have a large number of monthly active users. 

When using your pages to promote your practice, be sure not to sound too salesy. Also, remember that you focus your attention and resources on producing content that people want to see. These could include the following:

Content marketing is so important for effective social media marketing and advertising. We can help you develop a solid plan to integrate all these different aspects of an online presence.

#5. Take advantage of email marketing

Email marketing still works, even in today’s current market. In fact, statistics show that even with the growing popularity of instant messaging, email remains appealing to many different demographic groups as they use it for various applications. 

Additionally, 80 percent of business professionals strongly believe that email marketing plays a pivotal role in retaining customers. 

Unlike other marketing channels, email marketing content has a more personalized approach. With the proper email marketing funnel, you get to engage with your audience according to where they are in their customer journey stages. 

It also helps you deliver targeted content that could effectively convert passive readers into visiting or inquiring patients. 

Here are some email marketing tips you should remember:

#6. Make sure you’re searchable on maps

Getting more clinic visits is one of the primary goals of creating sustainable naturopathic marketing campaigns. If you do not see results from your marketing efforts, then there may be something wrong with your process. Alternatively, you might have forgotten to make your location searchable on important places such as Google Maps.

Ideally, your practice should already be searchable on major listing platforms such as Google My Business. This way, when locals search for a naturopathic clinic near them, they get to see your clinic as one of their options. 

From there, they can check out your contact details, clinic hours, patient feedback, and other essential information that could solidify their decision to visit your practice.

Making sure that your practice appears on local search boosts your chances of seeing more patients walk into your clinic or book an appointment. It also strengthens your online presence and encourages people to visit your website to know more about what you can do for them. 

#7. Reach more with SEM and social media ads

Besides engaging with your audience organically, you should also consider including paid ads in your naturopathic marketing plan.  

With search engine marketing, PPC, and social media ads, you can beef up your marketing efforts and spread your message to audiences that you’ve never tapped into before. 

The only challenge is to do things right, so you don’t end up blowing your marketing budget only to see little to zero results. When planning or using SEM and social media ads, you should remember the following:

Hope and Healing Solutions Can Help

There you have it - our seven simple and scalable naturopathic marketing tips! Which one of these have you tried implementing into your own strategy? Are you having a hard time figuring out what to do? If you are, then know that you’re not alone.

Indeed, setting up and launching a full-scale marketing campaign comes with plenty of challenges. It could eat up your time as you try to navigate through the technicalities of the different platforms used today. Furthermore, you will need to analyze the information and data that you gather from each campaign you launch to establish a more precise and logical long-term plan.  

Chances are, you’re too busy finding better ways to help your patients, so you struggle to dedicate enough time and energy to your naturopathic marketing

We at Hope and Healing Solutions can help you! Using data-driven strategies and our extensive background and experience in providing marketing solutions for holistic care practitioners, we can help you skyrocket your practice's success.  

We can help you set up marketing funnels, develop your branding, build your dream website, setup and manage your SEO and SMM plan, and more. 

Contact the HHS marketing team today!

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