Checklist for Chiropractic Websites: Guide to Success in 2021

Having a good website can help you change more lives. Find out what you need to work on to have a successful chiropractic website in 2021.  

Today, establishing one’s online presence is critical to getting found by patients in need your help. With more and more people turning to chiropractic websites for information about their health woes, such as neck pain, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, migraines and vertigo, having a website for your chiropractic clinic can go a long way.

You need a website built to succeed – one that’s functional, responsive, user-friendly, and search optimized. It also needs to be purposeful so that it connects you to patients within your area, and in return, you provide them with helpful insights. 

To help you jumpstart your website building or revamping plans this 2021, we’ve created a detailed checklist for a successful chiropractic website. Learn more about the things you need to work on below. 


Website Design and Functionalities for Chiropractors

Website design tops our checklist for chiropractic websites, and for good reasons! 

Firstly, it could affect your patient’s first impression of your practice. According to a study, web visitors need less than a second to make up their mind about a website. They could base their opinion on the logo, layout, color, navigation, and the central image on the page. 

Secondly, most people prefer browsing through a beautifully designed website. It gives them a sense of assurance that they’re looking at a credible source of information. It also helps you establish trust and start building meaningful connections with future patients.  

Lastly, it provides your website visitors with ease of access to the details they need, such as: 

  • Your office location and hours 
  • Your team members and their backgrounds
  • Your specialization, or the chiropractic technique you use 
  • The conditions you can help them with

Simply put, your website's design and functionality can potentially make-or-break your online presence. Hence, it’s a must to keep them both in check. Below are the fundamental design and functionalities that make the best chiropractic websites successful:

Your branding

This could include your logo, favicon, branding colors, style, and the images you want to associate with your practice. 

Page loading speed

Longer page loading time could affect your webpage’s performance. Follow SEO best practices to boost loading speed. 

Easy site navigation

Patients should be able to access the pages they need with great ease. You should have clear page categories and navigation links.   

Mobile responsive design

Mobile website traffic contributes 52.6 percent of the total world search traffic. Which means it’s highly likely that your patients make use of mobile search to look for chiropractors.  

Clean page layouts

Make sure each page layout allows your readers to scan through your content with great ease. 

Call-to-action buttons

Important pages such as your homepage should have Call-to-Action buttons. Place these in the most strategic points of your webpages. 


Content Marketing for Chiropractic Websites 

Besides your website’s design and functionalities, it’s equally important to pay attention to your content. Good quality content will help you set yourself apart from other chiropractic websites in your local area. Producing valuable content also enables you to drive organic traffic to your website and boost your search engine optimization efforts. 

Today, it’s essential to work on your content marketing tactics to ensure that your website gets the traction it deserves from your potential patients. Here are some of the top content marketing strategies that your website needs to utilize:

✔ Compelling homepage

Focus on creating content that addresses your patient's worries and struggles. Help them understand how you can help. It would also help to include photos of your team to help you establish connections with patients. You should also add important details that customers may need when reaching out to you.

✔ Detailed main pages 

Besides your homepage, you also need to add quality content to your main pages, such as the Contact Us, About Us, and Services pages.

✔ Updated blog

Besides providing patients with ample information about how they can seek care, you should also publish blog posts regularly. You can cover topics such as:

  • Health conditions you can help your patients with
  • Benefits of seeking chiropractic care
  • The latest studies and news on chiropractic practice
  • Natural remedies for pain 

By having an active blog, you can provide value to your readers, extend help to patients, and improve your site’s chances of ranking on search. 

✔ Opt in forms

Would it be reasonable to marry someone after one date? No of course not. In the same way most people who first visit your website are not ready to become new patients. Instead they need to be educated and nurtured.

Helpful resources such as e-books, checklists, video series and other useful content is beneficial to have linked to your blogs and pages. An opt in form is a way to gather names and emails of prospective new patients in your area while at the same time providing them with beneficial resources.

Use this growing email list to keep leads up to date when you publish new blog posts. You can also invite your email list to events that you are having either inside or outside of your office and of course invite them in for a complimentary consultation.  

✔ Social proof

Social proof can come in many forms, including video testimonials, patient feedback, success stories, third-party site reviews, and social media mentions. Adding them as content to your website can come in handy in increasing your patient visits. You can create a dedicated page for your case studies or add a small section on the homepage for patient feedback. 

✔ Frequently Asked Questions Page

Many patients, especially those who are just beginning to seek care, have questions about chiropractic, so it may help set up an FAQs page. List all the possible things that patients may ask about chiropractic care, such as:

  • What can they expect from your service?
  • How does chiropractic care work?
  • How can chiropractic care help with some ailments?
  • Can chiropractic care relieve their specific condition?


SEO and Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

The last two major factors you need to work on your website are your SEO efforts and the digital marketing tactics you use. Combining these two with your website design and content can help your website stand out from other chiropractic websites. They can also help you reach more patients who are in dire need of your help.

Check out the key factors that can determine the SEO and digital marketing success of chiropractic websites below.

✔ Metadata of the website

Aside from satisfying the needs of your readers, you also need to help major search engines like Google and Bing understand what your website is about. Hence, you need to include meta-information on your website. These details include:

  • Meta-description of the pages – these are short blurbs that tell what a page is about to boost your clickthrough rates.
  • Page titles – They help your audience and search engines navigate your site quickly and determine what a page may contain. 
  • Alt text for images – They help improve your image’s search indexability and provide your audience with information about an image if it fails to load properly.   

✔ Social media sharing buttons

Make it easier for your readers to share a blog post they loved or found helpful by adding social media sharing buttons. These could help you expand your market reach and help you reach even more patients near you. You can easily add social media sharing functionality to your content using website widgets. 

✔ Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Knowing your website’s overall performance each month will help you spot areas for improvement. It also allows you to find opportunities to explore, such as keywords you can use to write blog posts or topics you should include in your content marketing calendar.

To track your site’s performance, you need to set it up with your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. 


Hope and Healing Solutions is here to help!

Having a fully functional chiropractic website is a huge part of building a robust online presence. It can serve as a virtual extension of your practice and your 24/7 customer support and marketing platform. Ensuring that it does the job can make a lot of difference to your business as well as your patients.  

So, how many of the items in the checklist did you tick? Does your current website meet the essential criteria that leading chiropractic websites meet? If not, then we’re here to help. Let’s get your website spruced up and fully optimized for search so you can help more new patients in your local area. 

Build a new website or improve an old one with our team's help here at Hope and Healing Solutions. Contact us today for more information. You can also check out our case studies.

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