How to Find the BEST Health & Wellness Marketing Plan for YOU

Finding new patients remains the #1 need for health and wellness practitioners. Equally important is getting more of the RIGHT people to come and see you. These are typically people with chronic conditions who value your unique care and are motivated. So, it is very important that you use marketing that works well to achieve this main goal. We're going to walk you through how to find the best health and wellness marketing plan for YOU.


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1st Step: Identify What Makes You Unique

Knowing how you, your team and your community is unique is the foundation for a targeted, successful marketing plan.

  • You and Your Team: What makes you, YOU? What about your team? Think of personalities, ways of doing things, likes, dislikes, standards, quirks, etc. to uncover how you and your team are wired. You and your team's uniqueness will determine the marketing you can pull off more easily. Take a moment to list yourself and each team member and start attaching some adjectives or phrases that define each person.
  • Your Market: Often times, what sets your community apart can be a niche for you to focus on with your marketing plan. Is there a higher concentration of families, veterans, or kids? Do you have an involved police force or local football team? These are all things that make your market (your community) unique and is an opportunity to connect.
  • Your WHY: What is it that intrinsically motivates you? Why are you in practice? Usually this goes hand in hand with your passion. Knowing your "why" will definitely help you have laser focus to find a marketing plan that fits YOU.

Once you find what makes you unique, you can incorporate this into everything you do, like a marketing plan.


2nd Step: Analyze Your Practice

Now that you know what makes you's time identify key tasks and any needs you have in your practice. Knowing the essential roles, strengths and weaknesses for you and your team will help you respond and equip yourself properly with the health and wellness marketing plan that's right for you.

  • Identify Key Performance Indicators: Make a list of all the duties of each person on your team, including yourself. Then prioritize the list, putting the most important needs on top and the least important on the bottom. Now go through and mark all of the tasks that are a MUST DO for each team member. These are the Key Performance Indicators for each role on your team and will help you with the next step...
  • Decide What Should be Delegated or Outsourced: You and your staff only has so much time and talent. You may have found there are some things you and your team are doing that are no longer a good use of time and energy. You can cut these out. The remaining list shows you the core tasks and responsibilities. Also, while some of these are needed to be done, maybe they aren't effective. Whenever possible, these should be delegated or outsourced.

Based on the key performance indicators and unique skills of you and your team, you can identify who can best handle any internal, external, or online marketing needs. Work this into your marketing plan in the next step.


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3rd Step: Develop a Health & Wellness Marketing Plan

Since you've identified your uniqueness and analyzed your practice, now it's time to create a marketing plan that fits you.

  • Use Your Resources: There are a number of resources already at your fingertips to help design a marketing plan. Many online blogs and articles give current insights into internal, external and online marketing. Also, if you're not sure on which areas to cover with your marketing, you can click here to see the key elements.
  • Compare Solutions: Consider the resources at your disposal, as well as your strengths and those of your team (from steps 1 & 2). What marketing do you think you can pull off? No matter what you try, budget and your return on investment always play a role. Remember...every GREAT marketing plan is exactly INVESTMENT.

Marketing plans are not a "1 size fits all" solution. Moreover, what works today for you, may not be what you need 6 months or a year from now. But, the good news is, there is always a plan that will work for you.

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