How to Double Your Million Dollar Chiropractic Practice

Million Dollar Chiropractic Practice

Currently, there are approximately 103,000 chiropractors worldwide. The majority of all chiropractic practices are located in English speaking countries including:

  • 77,000 chiropractors in the United States
  • 9000 chiropractors in Canada
  • 5000 chiropractors in Australia
  • 3000 chiropractors in the United Kingdom

Of these practices only approximately 5% have become a million dollar chiropractic practice. This means that these practices are averaging collections of at least $83,333 per month. That’s about 5150 practices in the world which include:

  • 3850 million dollar practices in the US
  • 450 million dollar practices in Canada
  • 250 million dollar practices in Australia

If you own a million dollar chiropractic practice it is clear that you have done a lot of things right to grow to a level that 95% of your colleagues have not been able to reach.

Top Chiropractic Practices

Based on our surveys top chiropractic practices have many things in common including:

  • Been in practice for less than 20 years
  • They utilize a variety of different upper cervical chiropractic techniques
  • They are cash practices
  • Their average visit is around $60
  • Utilize care plans and their average care plan is around $1500
  • They have associates
  • Have adequate staff to provide high-quality care to the patient volume they have
  • They do not have a new patient problem because they invest in both internal and external marketing approaches and do not just rely on results and referrals.
  • Utilize Internet marketing and professional referrals to generate new patients
  • They have a commitment to patient education
  • Have a commitment to building systems
  • They have a commitment to training
  • They have a commitment to education for themselves and their staff

The other aspect we have found when it comes to top chiropractic practices is that they are not satisfied. They are so driven by their practice mission that they want to reach even more people in their community who are sick and suffering.

They also understand that if you are not growing you are dying. So a commitment to growth is key to your practice momentum continuing to build.

Going from 1 Million to 2 Million

If your practice is collecting more than $1 million per year your next goal should be to become a 2 million-dollar practice.

This is an even more exclusive group.

If you own a two-million-dollar practice your goal should be to become a three-million-dollar practice.

This is the pinnacle of chiropractic practices.

Less than 1% of all chiropractic practices reach this level.

One of the reasons why that happens is because once someone reaches the million-dollar practice level they tend to take their foot off the gas.

They are making lots of money and helping lots of people so they become complacent.

But if you have been able to build a million dollar chiropractic practice you have created an incredible system that should be serving even more people in your community.

You owe it to your community to continue to push forward to develop your business so that more sick and suffering people in your community can find hope and healing.

Connecting with Sick and Suffering People through Their Smart Phones
Grow your million-dollar chiropractic practice

Million Dollar Practice Marketing

Over the past 20 years, I have been studying top chiropractic practices. In fact, I even wrote a book looking at the success secrets of the world's top upper cervical doctors called Upper Cervical Practice Mastery.

The greatest way to connect with sick and suffering people in your community today is directly through their smartphones.

We have developed a strategy that is exclusively for million dollar chiropractic practices that can add an additional 30 new patient opportunities to your practice.

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