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Mobile-Responsive Design

When a website has a responsive design, the layout and content adapt or respond based on the size of the screen it’s presented on. A responsive website automatically detects and changes the screen to fit the device the viewer is reading it on.

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Whether the user is on a widescreen desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone, the design auto-adjusts to give the user the best viewing and navigation experience.

Websites not optimized for smaller screens will experience a decline in their search engine rankings. Lower rankings mean that non-responsive websites are not getting found. This is a huge issue since current data shows that over 60% of searches now come from smaller smart devices and mobile phones

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Search Engine Optimized Site Structure

Search Engine Optimized Site Structure is an essential aspect of any Search Engine Optimization strategy plan. How a website is structured is how Google determines which pages on the site are the most important.

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Content within a website often contains a mix of related topics, presented in posts and pages. The site structure deals with how the content is grouped, linked, and presented to the visitor. Google can more easily index the content and URL’s of a site if it is structured well.

If done correctly, how an article ranks in search engines can be influenced by site structure. Internal links, navigation, and breadcrumbs are website structure tools along with taxonomies, such as article categories and tags.

Well-organized site structure is also important because, without it, articles on the same website can compete with themselves for ranking in search engines. Site structure is a way of communicating to Google and other search engines which content and articles are the most important.

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Industry-Specific Content

Every area of the health and wellness industry has its unique hurdles and vocabulary. Developing a successful content strategy without first putting in the time to understand them is impossible.

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Knowing the specific pain points and issues each area has is essential to creating content that converts. Having page content that offers solutions and benefits will attract new patients and clients to your business.

Another key to generating industry-specific content is knowing how the competition is positioning themselves online. This can provide insights into how they are representing themselves experts in the community and which topics they consider the most important to the people they are targeting.

Once the research and competitive analysis are complete, the best way to attract patients or clients is by using industry-specific vocabulary. Knowing the language that target patients or clients use to express their problems adds immediate credibility.

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